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806 days ago
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  • The real-time API (updated each minute) is available as a JSON output. You can also download the station locations (which includes street addresses) from the Chicago data portal. 
  • Steven has "munged" a lot of official and unofficial data together to create the ultimate data table on which to run stats (like in MySQL or PostgreSQL). This data combines Divvy’s year 2013 trip data (released February 11, 2014) with corrected station names, station IDs that match Divvy’s stations availability API, launch times, geographic coordinates, and estimated bicycling distance between stations.
1179 days ago
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Also see visualizations list on Bike share visualizations
Steven V Trip Data
Citibike released trip data for July 2013 to February 2014 on March 31, 2014. You can download it in monthly chunks. It appears to have the same data structure as the Divvy data release in February 2014, including the member's reported sex and birth year. 
  • My Citibike by Vivian Zhang - it predicts bike and dock availability for your specific trip. Requires your HTML5 geolocation and a destination. 
Abe S
Steven V Articles
1201 days ago
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Map of Capital Bikeshare Trip Analysis Q1 2012 - Q2 2013 - by Eli Glazier. Darker, thicker lines indicate more trips. Lines can be hovered over to give total number of inter-station trips.
Trip Visualizer by Michael Jantzen. Symbolizes trip frequencies between station pairs with a line whose thickness is controlled by the number of trips from a selected origin station to all actual trips to destination stations.
1219 days ago
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