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David Altenburg

1227 days ago
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Steven V Divvy Data II - February 11, 2014
 Links, resources, presentations, and discussions at the "Divvy Data II" Open Gov Hack Night on Tuesday, February 11, 2014, at 1871. Shortlink is http://j.mp/DivvyHackpad. Explore the rest of this Hackpad for examples, demonstrations, and resources from the United States and around the world.
  • Purpose
Purpose of this hack night in three buckets: 
  1. Helps people understand Divvy better
  1. Can help Divvy run Divvy better and improve service
  1. Help users use Divvy better
This evening we’ll be reviewing existing work, figuring out how to build upon this work, and inspire new work. This is a collaboration with other cities and a training manual. From the D.C. and NYC apps, which ones are actually useful and which ones can we generalize (plug and play)? Point the app to a different API and "bam!" it’s a new app.  
Come back to future hack nights until the contest closes on March 9.  
Make projects which are useful and scalable.
  • Links
  • The Citibike BetaNYC page (and selected apps from here): Citibike Data
  • First: Gabe Gaster: "Divvy membership is heavily male. Also, @divvybikes male riders show far more daily variability. I'm surprised by how many people continue to bike through the winter."
  • Notes
Make a suggestion here. http://suggest.divvybikes.com

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